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FAQ - Security

Security is our top priority. We invested resources to ensure the integrity of our security protocol. Our product ensures clients establish a secured, encrypted connection to the Trading and Accounts section of our site.

The security technologies available to protect every trade includes:

 – User ID and Password Protection

 – Security Trading PIN

 – 128 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption

 – Firewall Protection

SSL encryption provides security and privacy to conduct transactions over the Internet. The SSL protocol protects HTTP transmissions by adding a layer of encryption. This ensures that all transactions are not subject to “sniffing” by a third party.

Pentium 3 with at least 2GB RAM and Internet Explorer version 10 and above.

Below are a few recommended precautionary steps you may wish to take:

i.Do not reveal your password/PIN to anyone.

ii.Do not write down your password/PIN where someone can find or figure out.

Please contact Customer Support at 1300 22 1233 or for further assistance

i.Subject to verification, you may request to reset your password. Please call our Customer Support at 1300 22 1233 or

ii.You can use the Forgot Password link via the login page to retrieve your password.

Forgot Password Process

1.Click on ‘Forgot Password’ link on the landing page.

2.Key in User ID or email address. Click ‘Submit’ button.

3.Provide 3 secret answers and click on ‘Submit’ button.

4.Key in new password and click ‘Submit’ button.

If you key-in the wrong password three times consecutively, your user ID will be blocked. You will need to contact our support at 1300 22 1233 and answer specified verification questions in order to reactivate your User ID.

Pop up blocker prevents new windows from automatically opening when you visit a website. Often times, these new windows display advertising that can interfere with your ability to see the content on the page you’re trying to read.

One of the main problems with pop up blockers is that some web sites use legitimate pop up that includes desired content. Windows from appearing because they can’t distinguish a non-advertising window from an advertising window. M+ Online trading system consists of screens that are in pop up format e.g. download Active X cab files. Therefore if blocking function is on, these pop ups will not be prompted. As a result you will not be able to download the cab files and perform online trading.

You may check the toolbar on your browser screen. The pop up blocker icon will usually appear under the address bar. Click the icon to check if the blocking function is activated or not.