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M+ Wiz Pro


Effortless Stock Screening

M+ Wiz is the first ever real-time stock screener, providing you alerts on potential stocks

RM2,376 for annual subscription

M+ Wiz Pro

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Available on the M+ Online Platform (browser)

Real-time Momentum Screening

M+ Wiz was built to help you catch the momentum when looking for a stock. With momentum alert, researching for stocks is the past.

Get the watchlist of the pros

Our watchlist is crafted based on the market movements, updated from time to time keeping up with the trend of the stock market. Available of M+ Wiz subscribers.

Exclusive trading support group

Subscribe to join our Wiz Masters for the latest updates on stock related news and get insights on the M+ Wiz.

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  1. AIA0XXX – Client

    The feature is great, I used it more often now as it saves me time to look at the chart and find the nearest support and resistance. I also love the comments given as it gives me a boost of confidence to enter into a certain stock.

  2. LKS2XXX

    So far M+ Wiz chart is the only one fulfill my need from most of the trading platform, the best part is they do provide supporting and resistance guide line for the beginning or unfamiliar with TA person. Furthermore, they also given advice for the current trends or pattern ongoing for each stock. It’s help me save alot of time and measure the risk and reward.

  3. LCL212C – Client

    I used M+ Wiz lite alerts to look for potential stocks, the indicators easy to used with preset values. support/resistance really save my plotting time and the Risk & Reward ratio accelerate my decision making. Thanks M+ online.

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