Understanding Market Depth: Enhancing Trading Decisions with Informed Insights
M+ Global Updates 02/04/2024 16:37

How market depths assist you to make informed trading decision?

Let's consider Maybank Bhd $MAYBANK 1155.MY$ as an example.

In this scenario, a trader has access to both buy and sell offers for Maybank Bhd stock. Currently, Maybank stock is trading at RM9.68, with approximately 200 bid and ask orders pending.

The bid price represents the highest price a buyer is willing to pay for one lot of shares. A trader can place a sell order at the best bid price (RM9.67) and await order matching.

The ask price indicates the lowest price a seller will accept for one lot of shares. A trader can place a buy order at the best ask price (RM9.68) and await order matching.

When the ask volume queue increases, traders can expect strong buying volume, which may lead to an upward movement in price due to the higher buy order queue at the ask price column. With access to more market depth data, traders can analyze trading activities more comprehensively, enabling them to make informed decisions and predict future price movements more accurately.

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