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Our aim is to become the people’s broker where we can empower every investor to grow their wealth through investing in the stock market, and in order to achieve this aim, we need great people to build great traders, investors, and clients.

We are an ever-growing company where we employ AI in assisting our clients to invest in Bursa Malaysia. We are licensed by the Securities Commission, and a participating organisation of Bursa Malaysia.

We are licensed by the Securities Commission, and a participating organisation of Bursa Malaysia. We are currently operating in 16 branches nationwide and have more than 150 dedicated people in the team. We are rebranding to a younger and trendy image as a stockbroking firm in this age of digitalisation.

If you think you have what it takes to help take us to the next level, we want you in our team! Apply for a position now!

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  • Loui Low
    Loui Low
    Head of Research
    “M+ Online has grown exponentially from a small outfit organisation to be on par with some of the top investment banks.”
  • Muhammad Zulfaqar
    Muhammad Zulfaqar
    Executive, Dealing
    “A good place to start your career as a dealer, a lot of opportunities are given and many new things to explore.”
  • Jessie Tee
    Jessie Tee
    Team Lead
    “There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat the employee how you would like to be treated. In M+Online, we have great company culture indeed."
  • Siti Ruzannah
    Siti Ruzannah
    Dealer Representative
    “Great working atmosphere in M+ Online, making me more energized and motivated, which leads to success and happiness.”

Everyone counts

Everyone has something to bring to the table.

Here at M+ Online, we acknowledge that everyone comes from different backgrounds, carrying with them different stories. We understand that each person is the way they are because of their family, background, education other environmental factors, and so, we try to tailor fit our workforce to their particular strengths in order to have them shine their brightest.

We invest in office spaces, technology, tools, and equipment in order to facilitate creativity and productivity. We believe in providing job opportunities that gives the community a sense of purpose so that they may find fulfilment in a place they can call their ‘second home’.

After all, a company can only thrive if its people first thrive.

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