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T+7 Account

More trading limit and time, to go beyond

Stretch your dollar, to go further.

The preferred trading account for seamless trading experience

  • Up to 3x trading limit extended
    Trade up to 2x Cash and 1x Shares on hand which allow you to go beyond the cash you have in your account.
  • Longer settlement period
    Settlement of transaction (either earned or payment to cover loss) is only required 7 days after the transaction (T+7).
  • Maximize trading ability
    Opportunities come infrequently, trade using your extended trading limit and settle it later. You will never miss the boat again.
  • Flexibility
    Low Flexi-brokerage charges as Cash Upfront Account when you trade within the rate.

No more missed opportunities

T+7 Account is an enhanced trading account that allows you to perform trades with extra trading limits and extra time. It is a Discretionary Financing trading account that allows you to settle your outstanding purchase at any time up to T+7. With a T+7 account, you will have the flexibility in portfolio management where a stock can be sold at a later date to cover the cost of a stock purchase than the Collaterised Account.

Other Features

  • MPlus
    Zero Deposit Required
    No minimum deposit is required to open a trading account. Start your trading journey without any hassle.
  • Chart
    Customized Watchlists and Portfolio Management System.
    Create watchlists on your favorite stock and keep a close eye on the market changes of interest to you.
  • Security
    Safe & Secure
    Put your mind at ease when you trade using our trading platform.
  • Dealer
    Experienced Dealer Representatives
    We have an extensive roster of dealer representatives with years of experience to provide seamless services for your trading needs.

Brokerage Rate

Whether you’re new to Online Investing, an experienced investor, or an active trader, M+ Online has something just for you to help increase your returns.

Trades above RM50,000.00
0.25% or 0.05%*
Trades below RM50,000.00
0.30% or 0.08%* min RM10.00
0.10%, min RM10

*0.05% or 0.08% applies to buy trades utlising available cash in trading account

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