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M+ T7 Contra

Why settle with T+2 settlements when you can extend the settlement period and ride on your gains until T+7 while enjoying the many cost-saving features of our M+ flexi-brokerage account?

The M+ T7 contra account is a Discretionary Financing trading account that allows you to extend the settlement of purchases from T+2 to T+7  with similar flexi-brokerage features of our M+ Gold account.

With the M+ T7 contra account, you enjoy more flexibility in your portfolio management, thus enabling cost savings.

Best of all, our M+ T7 account continues to offer one of the lowest brokerage charges in the industry with very  flexible trading features that are not easily available in the market place. Collaterals pledged can be in the form of shares or cash deposits which earn one of the highest interest rate in the market place.

Product Features

• Lower Brokerage rates.

• No minimum deposit requirement.

• Enjoy up to 3x trading limit facility.

• Earn interest on idle cash maintained in client’s trust.

• Enjoy longer settlement period up to T+7.

• Sign up at NO Additional cost.

• Zero Moving cost.

• Easy Access to our M+ Online Trading platform investment tools and in-house Research reports.

M+ Trade Alert; equipped with powerful Technical Analysis Tools provided with Real-Time Stocks Alert.

Online Financial Analysis Database.

Customized Watchlists and Portfolio Management System.

Technical Charting tools with more than 15 indicators and embedded 6 trading strategies.