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M+ Platinum

• Enjoy T+10 settlement that is Interest-free!

• Enjoy Trading limit 2x on cash collateral and 1x on shares collateral.

• Take advantage of free efficient financial analysis information tools.

• Traders have access to friendly customer service and dedicated Dealer’s Representative to take care of your interests.

• Stay updated with timely reports on market outlook and stock recommendations.

• Get an edge apart from the crowd with timely business news like DowJones Newswires.

• Get free access to Technical Charting tools and comprehensive financial tools for Independent Research at your disposal to plan better trading strategies.

M+ Platinum – Short-term Margin Trading Account

With our M+ Platinum services, traders or investors can now attain a maximum savings of 10-days Interest-free purchase contracts based on the short-term margin facility.

M+ Platinum or SMT account is a short-term margin financing product. It allows clients to hold their outstanding purchase contracts up to T+11 days only with reasonably brokerage charges. Clients can either sell to the market or make payment for their purchases on or before T+11 days. However, a Levy fee will be imposed on purchase contracts if the payment is effected after T+10 days. Other than levy, there will be no other charges for contra trades up to T+11 days except brokerage rate.

With our very short-term margin financing product, you as traders or investors stand to gain more by trading through us and leveraging your shares trading or investment with greater flexibility at reasonably low entry costs. With M+ Platinum, clients are allowed to hold their outstanding purchase contract up to a maximum of 2 weeks. There will be no interest charges (up to T+10 settlement days only) except for brokerage fee. Sign up today!

Product Features

• No interest fee up to T+10 settlements for all contracts.

• No rollover fee and commitment fee charges except for renewal fee.

• Trading limit 2(x)* on cash collateral and 1(x)* on shares collateral.

• Competitive brokerage fee.

• Allows for trade and management of your trading account in real time whenever and wherever in the world via iPhone, Android devices or laptop connectivity.

• Stay updated with real-time favourite watchlists, portfolio management, and client summary.

• Get access to M+ Online’s extensive in-house Research with good coverage of equities research, news, stock recommendations and technical market outlook.

• View your real-time orders, trade history, and share transactions settlement details.

• Enjoy greater security with our dual-password features.

• Capitalize on our Technical Charting capability with more than 15 indicators and minute’s interval chart type.

• Take advantage of your own customized Watchlists and Portfolio management.

• With opportunities to attend regular training programs on practical use and detailed walkthrough of the M+ Online Trading System, trading strategies, stock forum and other resources to plan your trading strategies as efficiently as possible, leading to quicker profits.