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The first automated AI Trading machine for Bursa Malaysia

A trading program designed to execute buy and sell orders automatically based on a pre-set algorithmic data. It allows users to set their profit and loss point as well as to select their preferred trading strategies.



Real Time Selection,
Buy and Sell Stocks

Profit and Loss
Control Mechanism

Ready Made
Strategies and Policies

Good Trading
Psychology & Emotion

Real Time
Graphic reporting


Who Is Elfstone For?

Elfstone is created for those who are always busy with work commitments, no time to monitor the stock price movements of interest or those in the favorite watchlist. In addition, Elfstone is also suitable for individuals who find it difficult to follow the predetermined trading plan.

What is in the ELFSTONE Package?

• 30 days strategies and policies training

• (1) certificate hardware warranty

• (1) ELFSTONE machine & adapter

• (1) ELFSTONE Bag

Coming Soon in 2019…

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