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The Wiz Signalled us a Few Opportunities

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We observed selected sectors such as gloves and technology were having some good moves last week, accompanied by a decent sentiment and traded volumes on Bursa Malaysia. Although these (trading volume and value) are still far from the MCO period, it is considered above the average at this moment. 

However, retailers may have some problems to look for trading opportunities under this slower pace trading environment, but M+ Online could offer you the M+ Wiz to capture the potential stock trading ideas effortlessly. 

Here are some examples of our stock selections that were triggered by M+ Wiz on Friday.

CAB – Under the consumer segment and was triggered by M+ Wiz

Source: M+ Wiz

DUFU – Announced bonus issue and still trended significantly higher for the session

Source: M+ Wiz

HEXZA – Chemical related segment that sees rising demand under Covid-19 pandemic

Source: M+ Wiz

Despite the previous upward move, some traders may not be comfortable to chase high, that is the usual stance from traders perspective. However, M+ Wiz signals are here to mitigate the fear and greed feelings, removing the emotional risk factor in our trading journey.

We will continue to monitor M+ Wiz and look out to catch the right moment for stocks to ride along the upward rally moving forward.

We continue to highlight that these examples above are not to suggest a BUY or a SELL recommendation and it is more for a case study reference material for the future. Nevertheless, we believe the objective of M+ Wiz is to give you a good confidence that the system is capable of selecting potential winning stocks on a daily basis. 

Control your emotions or your emotions will control you. Cheers !


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