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Relying on tips to trade? Learn to Trade instead

Think of it as learning a new skill in life, which in our modern world, can almost be reasoned as a survival skill (think inflation, the ever-rising cost of living, joblessness, pandemic etc.). Gone are the days where one can just run the rat race, climb their way up the corporate ladder
relying on tips to trade?

We understand that many of us have our time filled with work, family, friends, hobbies, and … you guessed it – work. So, we rely on tips from various Facebook pages, gurus, friends, and Uncle Joes to make decisions on buying and selling on the market. Whilst this may not be an entirely wrong strategy, we are proposing a better strategy . . .


Learn to trade on your own!

That’s right! Think of it as learning a new skill in life, which in our modern world, can almost be reasoned as a survival skill (think inflation, the ever-rising cost of living, joblessness, pandemic etc.). Gone are the days where one can just run the rat race, climb their way up the corporate ladder (many without a university degree, mind you), and reaching the finish line happily with a beautiful sunset on the horizon to greet them, and mostly unscathed at that. Now, we all know that money isn’t everything, but they are a huge part of many (if not most) things. Agree? And that’s the very reason why you should learn how to make more of it – to stay on top of your financial game.

learn to trade

By learning how to trade, you wouldn’t need to constantly check with your advisor on which stock to buy and sell, wait for their replies, ask more questions, and by the time you have all the info you need to take action, the ship has already sailed. Plus, your broker’s opinion might differ with your Uncle Joe’s. So, who do you listen to when that happens? And if things go south, can you really blame them for it?

Making your own decisions

When you learn something, the knowledge stays with you and they say that “knowledge is power”. When you have that trading power, you will immediately know, whether by instincts or research, on what to do and how to react to market changes. You can use your own discretion to decide on your market strategy, be responsible for your decisions, and be accountable to only your own self.

work for your future self

We let our jobs consume so much of our time because we feel that we are paid by our bosses, and are therefore responsible to uphold our end of the bargain. And rightfully so. We should definitely carry out our duties responsibly. Now, think of learning how to trade as work too; you are working for your future self to be paid by your current self. You may also choose to be a long-term investor if your schedule is really too tight to squeeze in time to learn.

Check out our article on When You Don’t Have Time to Invest

Keep up with the times and learn a new survival skill today!

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