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M+ Wiz: Trending Higher

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During the lacklustre period, were you able to pick upward trending counters?

We understand most of the workforces are gradually going back to work during the RMCO period, and this contributed to slower trading rhythm in the market. With that, the pace in the market may not be as robust compared to a few weeks ago. 

It will be unfortunate if you are caught in this situation where you bought a stock and it did not perform and went against you.

With our M+ Wiz, we are able to spot in real-time some good stocks that could be making a decent run up and trend higher in the near term. 

Let us bring you through several signals that M+ Wiz has generated with a good trading range. 

Example 1: ECONBHD (triggered ~9.03am with the green arrow in the chart) traded higher at least for the first half of the day. 

Example 2: ADVCON (triggered ~9.23am with the green arrow in the chart) was traded from RM0.435 to RM0.46 within 30 mins duration. 

We also have some past examples where the stocks triggered ahead of important news flow.

Example 3: On 5th of June, UMW was having a good breakout around RM2.48 and traded towards RM2.88 ahead of the PENJANA relief measures last Friday.  

Besides that, we are able to generate signals even after a good set of results.

Example 4: UWC has announced its results after 5 pm on the 4th of June. We are able to spot the trend at the start of the trading hour on the 5th of June and share price rose more than 10% throughout the day. 

These are some of the perfect examples of the trading alerts. Do note that past performances does not mean that it will be able to be successful to pick up good stocks in the future.  However, we are quite confident with a good setup of risk and reward ratio, the odds are favourable to the traders. 

One last thing before we wrap up this post. 

This morning at 9.00am, M+ Wiz picked up JHM in the trading alert bar. 

Key support is at RM0.855, next resistance is located around RM1.04. Will it move from this point of RM0.93? The choice is in your hands.

If you need a trading tool to help you screen stocks, M+ Wiz is definitely the right tool to help you out during this period. For more checkout the M+ Wiz here. To get more awesome articles like this, you can like and follow us on Facebook to get the latest updates.


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