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M+ Wiz – One of the quiet days where retailer participation is declining

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On Bursa Malaysia, we noticed that the drop of daily trading value below the RM3bn mark, suggesting that most of the retailers are back at work and the hype in the market is normalised for now. 

Here are some of the charts to show you the broader market direction to set as your reference in your stock selection process. In our view, we believe that the short term movements are likely to be in a consolidation phase; getting the market right will be as good as finding a needle in the sea.

FBM KLCI – Pulled back from the recent high but short term still consolidating

Source: M+ Wiz

FBM Small Cap – Forming lower high and likely to retrace lower in the near term

Source: M+ Wiz

FBM ACE – Overbought and uptrend could be near the tail end (overbought)

Source: M+ Wiz

Based on the 3 charts above, FBM KLCI and FBM Small Cap are turning lower, but FBM ACE is still in the uptrend mode. This might reduce the chances of getting a stock right in the near term as the trend is in consolidation phase;  chances of making money will be less in the near future based on the charts above. 

Given the setup above, how would one be able to still consistently make the most out of the day? We have a little suggestion, M+ Wiz is one of the choices in town to potentially pick a right stock in the market. 

Coming back to the market on Friday (26Jun), on this quiet trading day, our system with our daily hand picked counters, it has alerted us with two counters for the day at least; REVENUE and SDS

Traderlist picks – only two came out (REVENUE – 4:08PM and SDS – 9:00AM)

Source: M+ Wiz

According to the time that M+ Wiz has alerted us, share prices for both the stocks managed to gain traction and traders’ attention at least for the next few hours. 

Example 1: SDS 

Source: M+ Wiz

SDS managed to start at RM0.20 and rallied towards RM0.235 and closed at RM0.23 for the session, which is a decent gain of 15% in the session.

Example 2: REVENUE 

Source: M+ Wiz

Meanwhile, REVENUE came in at 4:08PM and it showed up in our list, this was traded at RM1.22 and closed at the same price at the end of the session. Overall, it didn’t make a strong move (yet), and we shall look out for any follow through buying interest on Monday. Nevertheless, the stock is currently holding well above SMA50 and SMA200, suggesting that the uptrend intact position for the stock and potential run in the future. 

Again, we would highlight that the previous track record is not a replica for future gains. We are not here to suggest to you a BUY or a SELL recommendation. The objective of the blog post is to highlight to you, the key to mitigate emotion and listen to the heart beat of M+ Wiz. Let the system show you the way 

Trade without emotions and trade with confidence. Cheers !


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