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Is the market too challenging for you?

Overall (after testing for 55 days live in our virtual portfolio), we have some positive days near to 56%, while positive trades just slightly above 50%. You must be asking why the virtual portfolio could stand out so well at above 30% returns?
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Why is having a tool important for trading? 

Why did we build this system? 

We always find that there is a gap on Bursa Exchange, where traders want to trade but they are lacking tools, especially the real-time alert that can screen through the whole universe in Bursa Malaysia and provide them with a mechanical system. 

M+ Wiz is a real-time alert system that can alert traders based on our input strategy. These strategies (currently 8) have been back-tested by us (for nearly 2 years) and we have a good healthy track record (forward testing) of around 55 trading days, which has garnered us near to 30-50%* (virtual portfolio which the entry is based on the trigger of the real-time alert and exit by end of the day).

* The gains are excluding brokerage charges, stamp duty and clearing fees.

However, we would like to put a disclaimer here that, “the historical track record may not represent future outcomes”. Nevertheless, we are quite confident that if the strategy is not working anymore then we will try to adapt and improve the strategies moving forward.

Overall (after testing for 55 days live in our virtual portfolio), we have some positive days near to 56%, while positive trades just slightly above 50%. You must be asking why the virtual portfolio could stand out so well at above 30% returns?

That is because our team will handpick the stocks daily, based on thematic or technical analysis. Although stock picking may have a certain bias view in it, the chart patterns or technical analysis has proven that it has been able to select the winning stocks and leave out the bad apples (at least until this juncture). 

How do you get the system?

Next, you will be asking how you can subscribe to this? Before going into M+ Wiz pro, you may go try it yourself by using M+ Wiz Lite, which traders could use 1 out of the 8 strategies that we have input and experience the functionality and usefulness of the system; there is always a saying, “seeing is believing”. 

Once you try M+ Wiz, you never go back. 

We believe in the system and we believe you as a trader will like real-time alerts being triggered in front of you, providing trading ideas in your trading journey. We want you to experience the exclusivity of seeing a system that allows you to feel the market tone by monitoring how stocks are being triggered throughout the day. 

Before we end this post, we would like to share with you one of our picks on the M+ Wiz list today. We have selected stocks from the technology segment; PENTA and FRONTKN are part of the list today. 

PENTA – Uptrend intact with potential breakout of the flag pattern

Source: M+ Wiz

FRONTKN – Poise for sideways consolidation breakout

Source: M+ Wiz

We will use M+ Wiz as a system to trigger the signals for us. However, However, we certainly recommend traders to put a stop limit to protect your capital just in case the market turns against your trades

M+ Wiz – the perfect tool for traders!


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