Don’t Miss Out on All These Calls Anymore!

It was a bullish day for Malaysia ‘s stock equities market. The benchmark index, FBMKLCI returned above 1,500 marking whereby it added 17.55 points to close at 1,507.69 today. Market was in a chaos as Glove companies were encountered panic selling after the margin capping for rubber stocks have been tightened by several IBs and brokers.

Were you one of those who didn’t know what else to trade besides glove companies? In fact, many companies were on a good rally today despite the selling in glove companies. Below are some highlighted alerts that appeared on our Wiz today:

  1. PMETAL (8869) – Bullish MACD Cross Over

PMETAL is one of our recommended swing stocks. It is triggered at RM3.78 this morning due to a bullish cross over on MACD. A bullish MACD cross over has a good probability that the signal is accompanied with strong momentum. This comes with a bullish Parabolic breakout yesterday.

Besides the two bullish signals, the volume transacted has increased which indicates a stronger buying interest. With all these, PMETAL stands a good probability to breakout above the immediate resistance of RM4.00-RM4.06 to next resistance level of RM4.28 and RM4.53.

2. IFCAMSC (0023) – [Trend] Pullback Rebound

IFCAMSC is one of our momentum picks for today. It is triggered when the price rebounded higher from the pull back low after its recent rally, at RM0.385. During the day, the share price went as high as RM0.405 where the immediate resistance is at RM0.41.

On daily chart, IFCAMSC is trading on an uptrend with good volume. Without any strong indication of bearish signals, the stock can continue to trend higher with immediate resistance at RM0.475 and RM0.555. Stop loss can be placed right below RM0.345 while riding on the uptrend.

3. JOHOTIN (7167) – [Trend] Pullback Rebound

JOHOTIN is our another swing pick for this week. Alerts on this stock appear when the price breaks higher with strong volume. This comes along with a PARABOLIC bullish breakout and bullish MACD cross over. As mentioned above, a bullish MACD cross over has good probability of triggering strong buying momentum. This is clearly shown here whereby the JOHOTIN share price surged from RM1.50 to RM1.60 with strong bullish candles.

JOHOTIN triggered daily trading rules – [Trend] Support Rebound as well. Along its breakout above resistance of RM1.545 with strong volume, the stock is having good chances of expanding its upward trend further towards its immediate resistance of RM1.835.

Above are some of the examples that triggered on our M+ Wiz today. All these alerts are highlighted in blue, meaning these are our recommended stocks. So next time, if you are looking for some potential trading opportunities, feel free to check on all these blue highlighted alerts! Don’t miss out on all these calls anymore!