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PENJANA – Building the Economy together

As an addition to our earlier article to the pre-announcement of the Prime Ministers speech, we will be highlighting the cores under the short term economic stimulus plan – PENJANA, there are 40 key initiatives worth RM35bn directed through 3 main cores; namely (i) Empower People, (ii) Propel businesses and (iii) Stimulate the Economy. Therefore, we will go through some of the salient points that will allow market participants to identify the potential beneficiaries and stocks related to that sector.

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Economic Stimulus Plan: Beyond Covid-19

Our Prime Minister will be speaking later today at 3.00 pm in regards to the upcoming economy stimulus plan. As you may have known, the 3 segments that the government are targeting will be (i) Empowering People, (ii) Propelling Businesses, and (iii) Stimulating the Economy.

Hence, we believe that the market participants will be focusing on item number 3. Under the Covid-19 environment, most of the external slowdown was due to supply chain disruptions in the global arena (which we can’t really dictate the pace of the recovery).

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