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3 Reasons Why the Best Time to Start Investing was Yesterday

That’s a 6.64% inflation within a period of 5 years! So, if you had RM 10,000 sitting idle in your savings account for the past 5 years, you would have virtually lost more than RM600 today
3 reasons to start investing

To invest is to put your time, money and effort into something to make a profit or gain an advantage. For the purposes of our current discussion, we shall define investing as “putting your money into shares, property, financial product with the hope of making profits”.

Why is it important to invest? Well… You worked hard for the money, so you need to let your money work hard for you i.e. to let your money make more money. And the best time to do so was … YESTERDAY.

The earlier the better for the following reasons:



Food, healthcare, education … Everything seems to be on the rise with no signs of slowing down or declining. Does RM100 hold the same value as it did 5 years ago? Definitely not! Check out the image below from Malaysia CPI Inflation Calculator.

Reasons to Start Investing

That’s a 6.64% inflation within a period of 5 years! So, if you’ve had RM 10,000 sitting idle in your savings account for the past 5 years, you would have virtually lost more than RM600 today (ouch!). But if you invest, your money grows by itself, catching up and even being able to stay ahead of inflation, thereby helping you retain your purchasing power.

Reaching your financial goals

Some would want to achieve their first million by 30, some would just want to be able to buy things without looking at the price tags, and others would want to just live reasonably comfortably. If your investment is earning a higher rate of return than a savings or fixed deposit account, you will be earning more money over the long term and within a faster period, which will then enable you to buy that car you’ve been eyeing, take your family on a fully-paid holiday, and more.


Financial Independence, Retire Early. Nobody wants to work under a nagging boss forever, or to rely on our bosses just so we can put food on the table. We want to be the captain of our own ships: to set sail and dock as how we think fit.

We’ll tell you very frankly that it is highly unlikely that you can achieve F.I.R.E if you only rely on one stream of income. This is why many who believe in this movement, live frugally, investing about 60% – 70% of their incomes in hopes of being able to retire by the time they reach 40-45 years old. The returns from their investments would be enough to sustain their lifestyle for their remaining years.

Learn about the F.I.R.E movement here

Friends, you can be in your 20s, 30s or even 40s. If you’ve missed yesterday’s boat to invest, TODAY is the second-best time to start.

See the advantages of starting small here

Or find out what beginners need to be aware of when investing or trading


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