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Steel sectors are heating up

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Undeniably, the Bursa Exchange has been on a positive rally in November and until last week amid the ongoing window-dressing activities. However, the broader market was spooked by news on the upliftment of Regulated Short Selling ban by 1st Jan 2021. With that, investors were trimming down their position ahead of this upliftment, resulting in a negatively skewed market overall.  

Nevertheless, we believe there are selected stocks that are available for us to trade. After the tender news on the RM4bn Rasau water treatment plant surfaced last week, we have positioned ourselves for building materials and construction related stocks. That gave us some potential trades today after we have put in SSTEEL and ANNJOO into our list and let the M+ Wiz to trigger us the entry. 

ANNJOO – Triggered around RM1.20-1.25

Source: M+ Wiz

SSTEEL – Triggered at the start of the market open around RM0.72-0.745

Source: M+ Wiz

Do note that the example above is not a recommendation for buying and selling purposes, please take advice from your brokers before making any important decisions in the market. 

Some other entries that M+ Wiz have triggered us are FPI and D&O. Do follow our M+ Wiz highlights webinar every Monday at 1230pm. To stay up to date with us, like and follow us on facebook at M+ Online

M+ Wiz – A tool for systematic trigger.