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Another option to spot for decent entries

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We have been always selecting stocks on the Bursa Exchange for our Daily Pick list, but what if the counter was not triggered during the day. The counter will flow into the Traders List and will be there for another 5 days and let the system trigger an alert for us (if the chart formation allows). 

Why do we want to let the stock be in the system for another 5 more days? 

This is because not all the stocks being chosen will perform during that particular day, thus it may be triggered in the following 5 days due to the ongoing trading activities on those stocks that we have picked. 

Let us show you one of the counters that we have put in on 17th of November – APPASIA

APPASIA did not really trend strongly on that particular day we put in, but managed to trend higher on 23rd of November. It has traded from the opening price of RM0.65 to the intra-day high of RM0.71, which is considered as a decent trading range. 

APPASIA – Being triggered at 9am in the morning

Source: M+ Wiz

Given the above scenario, it is important to note that our Traders List is quite handy to watch out for breakout moves in some of the stocks we have input in M+ Wiz. 

Again, we emphasize that the examples above are not a recommendation for buying and selling purposes, please take advice from your brokers to get a clearer picture of the market before making any important decisions in the market. 

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