MY Market
Why Choose Us
Zero deposit required
Kickstart your trading journey in whichever way suits you best, with no mandatory minimum deposit.
Lowest brokerage rates
Increase your profit potential to easily gain from every single market movement.
Leveraged trading
Extend your trading capabilities and make the most of your funds with a trading limit of up to 3 times.
Extended settlement period
Certain account types benefit from a settlement period of up to 7 days.
Expert support
A team of experienced dealer representatives at your service.
Licensed by the Securities Commission
Our adherence to industry regulatory standards ensures a safe and trusted trading environment for you.
Award-winning Malaysian stockbroker
Our commitment to excellence has been continuously recognized by Bursa Malaysia.
MY Market Advantage
Diverse market opportunities
Access to a wide range of companies across various sectors.
Strong regulatory framework
Operates under a robust regulatory framework, providing investor protection and maintaining market integrity.
Vibrant economy
Malaysia's resilient economy and ongoing development initiatives contribute to a conducive environment for investment growth.
High-quality companies
Home to reputable and well-established companies, offering investment opportunities in solid enterprises.
Potential dividend yields
Attractive dividend yields for income-focused investors.
MY Stock Market Trading Hours
Session Time
Morning 9:00am - 12:30pm
Afternoon 2:30pm - 5:00pm