Malacca Securities Integrates M+ Online with M+ Global to Create an All-in-One Global Trading Platform

Malacca Securities, the award-winning homegrown stockbroking company under Bursa Malaysia and licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia, today announces the integration of its pioneering trading app, M+ Online, with the newly launched global trading platform, M+ Global.

08/04/2024 10:02

Malacca Securities, the award-winning homegrown stockbroking company under Bursa Malaysia and licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia, today announces the integration of its pioneering trading app, M+ Online, with the newly launched global trading platform, M+ Global. This significant development introduces exciting possibilities for traders who were initially enjoying local Bursa stocks trading as they now have the opportunity to access Malaysia, the United States and Hong Kong stocks in real-time, enabling them to diversify their portfolio across international markets. With the completion of this integration, Malacca Securities aims to strengthen its offerings, positioning itself as the hybrid local stockbroker that investors and traders can confidently trust and rely on. 

M+ Global currently provides an extensive array of investment opportunities, granting traders access to a diverse portfolio that includes over 7,000 US stocks and 3,000 Hong Kong stocks, including warrants, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), callable bull/bear contracts (CBBCs), and real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

The integration signifies a commitment to delivering improved and enhanced solutions on M+ Global, introducing a range of features such as:

  • Exclusive Hong Kong Initial Public Offering (IPO) opportunities: Traders have the opportunity to participate in the early stages of promising businesses in Hong Kong through M+ Global's IPO subscription service. This unique offering opens doors to distinctive investment prospects, showcasing a range of opportunities that set the stage for strategic investment decisions. The platform features comprehensive information on open subscriptions, including Prospectus details, Cornerstone investors, major shareholders, and more.
  • Conditional Order feature: Traders have unprecedented control and precision over their trade orders. This addition provides traders with enhanced flexibility in their trading strategies. The array of conditional order types available ensures that traders can navigate the market with heightened precision, including Arrival Price Order, Stop Loss Order, Stop Limit Order, Take Profit Order, and Take Profit Limit Order. 
  • In-app live streaming: M+ Global incorporates in-app live streaming, providing traders with consistent sharing of educational content that equips them with the latest insights, trends, and analyses. This addition ensures that traders stay informed about real-time market developments to enhance decision-making. 
  • Multilingual: M+ Global is designed to cater to the diverse linguistic preferences of Malaysians. By offering Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin as language options, M+ Global aims to enhance accessibility and usability, making the platform truly inclusive for all traders. 
  • Desktop trading platform: The platform offers advanced features and tools on the desktop version of M+ Global, providing resources for investors and traders to enhance their trading capabilities while meeting their needs.

Managing Director of Malacca Securities, Lim Chia Wei, commented, “We take great pride in our identity as a true hybrid broker, grounded in the belief that cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and personalised human expertise offer our traders a comprehensive solution for their trading experience. The integration of M+ Online with M+ Global marks a significant milestone, catapulting our trading platform to the forefront of the industry as a clear leader. With improved capabilities, we are committed to delivering value to our customers, ensuring their long-term success in building their global portfolio. Our dedication to innovation has not only positioned us for growth in the financial space but also empowers our users with enhanced opportunities."

She adds, "Malacca Securities has served an impressive portfolio of over 300,000 customers and is poised to set new industry benchmarks, promising investors and traders an unparalleled experience in global stock trading. As local stockbrokers with over 60 years of customer loyalty, our trusted presence underscores our credibility. Embracing the ethos of "More Guiding, Less Guessing," we prioritise providing resources for clear navigation of financial complexities, ensuring a smoother journey for our customers."

Existing M+ Online users are required to download the M+ Global app and complete the registration process to transition and start trading on the platform. Ongoing integration efforts are focused exclusively on the mobile application at this time, with details about desktop integration to be unveiled in the future. 

Introduced in May 2023 in conjunction with Malacca Securities’ 60th anniversary, M+ Global stands as Malaysia’s pioneering digital trading platform, providing Nasdaq and HKEX real-time data. Distinguishing itself further, M+ Global is the first digital trading platform that incorporates a Shariah screening feature for global stocks. Boasting a network of over 200 dealer representatives, M+ Global is an intelligent platform that goes beyond conventional customer support by offering 24/5 assistance through in-app chat, WhatsApp, live streaming, Telegram, investment events, and social media. This approach facilitates real-time interactions and personalised services, elevating the overall trading experience. 

From easily navigable price charts, expert analyst ratings, and price targets to fundamental data and detailed fund holdings for ETFs, the all-in-one platform offers a well-rounded perspective without overwhelming traders. Its intuitive design ensures that all pertinent information is conveniently arranged, providing a seamless experience for traders looking to make informed investment decisions.

Visit M+ Global to learn more about the global trading platform and start trading.


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About Malacca Securities Sdn. Bhd. 

Malacca Securities Sdn. Bhd. is an award-winning homegrown stockbroking company with over 60 years of experience providing investment solutions for retail investors and corporate organisations. Malacca Securities is listed as a participating organisation under Bursa Malaysia and licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Malacca Securities is committed to revolutionising the financial landscape through technology and innovation, starting with the launch of M+ Online in 2012 to boost investors’ trading journey in the local scene. With its 60th anniversary in 2023, Malacca Securities launched M+ Global, a global trading platform with real-time market data, news and alerts to help Malaysians make better-informed trading decisions to navigate the global market confidently. 


About M+ Global 

M+ Global is a global trading platform powered by Malacca Securities Sdn. Bhd., an award-winning homegrown stockbroking company with over 60 years of expertise in the industry. M+ Global is Malaysia's first digital trading platform that offers Nasdaq real-time data and is the only trading platform offering Shariah Screening for global stocks. As a global trading platform for all traders, M+ Global is equipped with all the professional tools, news and customisable alerts to enhance Malaysians’ trading experience on a global scale. Now, Malaysians can seamlessly engage in trading across Malaysia, the United States, and Hong Kong stock markets with M+ Global.