NAAS Surges 60% at One Point, Launches Autonomous Charging Robots for Self-Driving Vehicles
M+ Global Updates 10/07/2024 22:10

Shares of NAAS Inc. ($NaaS Technology Inc. NAAS$), a Chinese electric vehicle charging service provider, surged over 60% at one point, reaching a high of US$5.24, extending its recent strong gains.

The stock price surge came as the company made progress in the autonomous driving space. NAAS recently launched its automatic charging robots targeting the self-driving vehicle charging service scenario.

The news comes amid a broader rally in Chinese concept stocks related to autonomous driving, with reports that Baidu's Robocar brand has deployed over 400 self-driving taxis in Wuhan, accelerating the commercialization of autonomous driving technology.

NAAS's automatic charging robots are designed to cater to the needs of self-driving vehicles, providing a convenient and seamless charging solution as the autonomous driving industry continues to evolve.

NaaS unveils automatic charging robot - IoT M2M Council


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