Breaking News | FFIE Once Surges Over 60%; WMT Continues to Rise, Approaching 7%; GME and AMC Sharply Decline
M+ Global Updates 16/05/2024 22:13

The US stock market continued its upward trend, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average $Dow Jones Industrial Average DJI$ rising by 0.05%, the S&P 500 $S&P 500 index SPX$ increasing by 0.08%, and the Nasdaq index $NASDAQ IXIC$ going up by 0.07%.

Walmart's $Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. WMT$ stock price surged by nearly 7% in early Thursday trading, following the retail giant's announcement of better-than-expected quarterly performance.

Among notable tech stocks, $Intel Corporation INTC$ rose by 1%, while Tesla $Tesla Motors, Inc. TSLA$ and $NVIDIA Corporation NVDA$ dropped.

Stocks associated with the WSB concept showed a general decrease in momentum, with GameStop $GameStop Corp. Class A GME$ falling by nearly 14%, AMC Entertainment $AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Class A AMC$ dropping by nearly 7%, and BlackBerry declining by over 3%.

Meanwhile, Faraday Future $FARADAY FUTURE INTELLIGENT ELEC INC FFIE$ saw a surge in early trading today, rising by over 60% and briefly surpassing $1 per share, triggering a temporary trading halt. This came after two consecutive days of soaring by over 1000%. AS of the time of writing, its stock rose by 50%.


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