Grey Market Alert | Hollwin Urban Shares Surge 12.19%, Reaching New Market Cap of HK$550 Million
M+ Global Updates 16/05/2024 16:37

In the gray market trading, $HOLLWIN URBAN 02529.HK$ is experiencing a surge with its stock up by 12.19% at HK$3.59 per share. Investors who secured a single lot are looking at a potential gain of HK$390.00, with the company's latest market capitalization surpassing HK$556.8 million. $HOLLWIN URBAN 02529.HK$ is expected to make its official debut on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 17, with the results of the share allocation set to be revealed later this evening.

Hollwin Urban is a corporate group primarily focused on urban services and operations. The company is dedicated to providing efficient services and operational solutions for cities, encompassing urban planning, infrastructure construction, intelligent traffic management, and public affairs operations. By integrating resources and employing innovative technologies, Vantage International aims to enhance urban development and management levels, offering citizens a more convenient and efficient lifestyle experience.

About Grey Market Trading

The grey market is an over-the-counter market. In Hong Kong, it is generally conducted for pre-listing transactions of an IPO and carried out after the closing of the trading day before the listing of the IPO. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange system matches Hong Kong stock trading during trading hours. However, grey market transactions do not go through the Hong Kong Stock Exchange but through the internal system, which some securities companies provide for quotation matching.

Note: The trading hours for Hong Kong's grey market trading generally run from 16:15 to 18:30. However, M+ Global currently does not support the grey market trading feature.

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