Elevate Your Trading Experience: Access 10-Level Market Depth in the Malaysian Market
M+ Global Updates 03/04/2024 14:06

Seize the Chance: Experience Free 10-Level Market Depth!

Unlock a complimentary 10-Level Market Depth when you complete any transaction for Malaysian stocks on the M+ Global App during this campaign period.

What is market depth?

Market depth provides insight into the supply and demand for a particular asset at different price levels. It allows traders and investors to anticipate market movements and make more informed trading decisions.

  • It is usually shown in a chart. The chart shows the number of purchases and the sales orders at each price level.
  • It is significant in markets where assets trade frequently and with high volumes.
  • A high level of depth indicates a liquid market with many purchasers and sellers. In contrast, a low depth level can suggest a call with less liquidity and more potential volatility.

How market depths assist you to make informed trading decision?

Read more here: https://m.global.mplusonline.com/post/content/22120913071491481

Join our campaign today to experience Free 10-Level Market Depth! (terms and conditions apply)

Event Period: April 1, 2024 - April 30, 2024

Eligibility: All M+ Global customers

Event Reward: Experience one month (30 days) of Lv3 Malaysia Stock Market Depth (10 levels) for FREE!

How to Win: Simply complete at least one Malaysian stock transaction on the Global App during April.

Reward Distribution: Transactions from the previous day will be tallied daily and rewards will be distributed the following day.

Activation: The reward will be automatically activated upon distribution.

You may check out more details of market depth here on M+ Global app:

Reward Limit: Each customer can receive the campaign reward once during the event period.

Notes: Please note that these rules and regulations are subject to change, with updates communicated accordingly. Stay tuned for more exciting opportunities!


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