Breaking News | Bilibili Surges Over 8%, WuXi Biologics Rises Nearly 7%, And Lingbao Gold Climbs Over 20%
M+ Global Updates 28/03/2024 10:53

As of the time of writing, the three major HK indices all rose, with the Hang Seng Index $Hang Seng Index HSI.HK$ up by 0.78%, the Hang Seng TECH Index $HS TECH Index HSTECH.HK$ climbing by 2.47%, and the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index $Hang Seng China Enterprises Index HSCEI.HK$ increasing by 1.25%.

Tech stocks strengthened collectively, with Bilibili $BILIBILI-W 09626.HK$ surging by over 8%, $JD-SW 09618.HK$ and Meituan $MEITUAN-W 03690.HK$ each over 5%, Baidu $BIDU-SW 09888.HK$ more than 3%, and Kuaishou $KUAISHOU-W 01024.HK$ and Alibaba $BABA-SW 09988.HK$ more than 2%.

Biotechnology stocks were on the rise, with WuXi Biologics $WUXI BIO 02269.HK$ climbing by nearly 7%, $EVEREST MED-B 01952.HK$ rising by over 5%, $GENSCRIPT BIO 01548.HK$ up by over 4%, and BeiGene growing by nearly 2%.

Apple concept stocks saw across the board gains, with $AAC TECH 02018.HK$ and $COWELL 01415.HK$ rising about 5%, Sunny Optical and Q Technology Group around 2%.

Gold stocks strengthened, with $LINGBAO GOLD 03330.HK$ surging by over 20%, $ZHAOJIN MINING 01818.HK$ gaining over 5%, and both Shandong Gold and Zijin Mining about 1%.

Regarding individual stocks, $WUXI BIO 02269.HK$ surged by over 7%, as it reported steady annual earnings growth and a continuous increase in the number of projects.

$CTG DUTY-FREE 01880.HK$ rose by nearly 6% after earnings, with its fourth-quarter net profit up more than 274% year-over-year, and is proposing a dividend payout of over 3.4 billion yuan.


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