PaySign Saw 23% Pre-Market Surge on Q4 Earnings Beat
M+ Global Updates 27/03/2024 16:47

PaySign Inc. ($PAYSIGN INC PAYS$) shares soared nearly 25.15% pre-market to US$4.23 following a robust Q4 performance.

The company reported earnings of US$0.10 per share, surpassing analyst expectations of US$0.02 by 400%. This marks a 900% increase from last year’s earnings of US$0.01 per share. Revenue reached US$13.69 million, exceeding forecasts by 8.47%.

Company introduction:

PaySign Inc. provides prepaid card programs, comprehensive affordability solutions for patients, digital banking services, and integrated payment processing for businesses, consumers, and government agencies. The company creates tailored payment solutions for clients across various industries, including pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality, and retail sectors. PaySign's revenue streams come from cardholder fees, interchange fees, card program management fees, transaction processing for claims, and settlement fees.


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